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Un Homenaje: Mary Gram, la Libertad... (textos de la pagina oficial Model Mayhem de la modelo)

Mary Gram


My name is Maria, I come from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I suppose i can define myself as a traveller, as in the past 10 years i have lived in 5 different countries. Mexico, Barcelona, Berlin, NYC and nowadays i m based in lovely Vienna.

I have already been modeling for 15 years, started making tv advertising when i was just a teen, so is obvious that i love what i do and still today have the same passion for it. 

Experience gave me all i know about it, but also i feel glad to have the capacity of hearing and learning from different artists around the globe, i like the cooperation and interaction with them, creating good vibes and complicity.

I have work in a lot of fields, so i can adapt myself very fast to achieve what a client ask for.

TV advertising, printed, catwalks, showrooms, calendars, Covers as Playboy Mexico, Argentina, Cosmopolitan, Maxim, magazine editorials, body paintings, bondage, sculptures, u name it... But i m always looking for more.

My type of pictures are going from Fashion up to art nude. 

Amateurs are also welcome to learn and be helped by somebody that is always professional.

I am flexible to come everywhere, that's how i like working, getting into new places, meeting great people and have fun and forget about everything but having a good time.

About me...

Enjoying life, simple things are not always easy to see.
Chemistry believer.
Music, sports and good food are my main dishes.
Easy going, sarcastic, kinky, sensible and crudely honest. Like it or not wink
In favor of common sense, respect and good manners.

U can see my recent work and always updated on...





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